With the help of a gardening maven – my mother – I planted my first veggie patch today! Dirt under my fingernails. Sun on my back. Tiny seeds in the palm of my hand. It all seemed to speak volumes about the potentiality of life, growth, and new opportunities. Mom kept complimenting me on the great job I had done turning over our rich Denver soil. I smiled from ear to ear.

I am careful each morning, as I clutch a warm coffee cup, to mist them (not “drench them” as my mom warned), to shoo Karma the goldendoodle out of their midst, and to send them good energy throughout the day.

Among the hopeful offerings:

  • Chinese kale
  • Collards
  • Colorful beets
  • Mesclun salad mix
  • Micro greens
  • Snap peas
  • Jalapenos (I call him Senor Jalapeno)
  • “Basket of Fire” pepper plant
  • Jumbo muskmelon
  • Yellow Boy tomatoes

And a circle of herbs!

  • Lavender
  • Tuscan rosemary
  • Sweet basil
  • French tarragon
  • Chocolate mint (I see some creative mojitos in my future)
  • Purple sage

Wish me luck on my maiden voyage into growing my very own food.






IMG_3744 IMG_3745

    1. bstarbee

      Thanks, earthstonestation! Can’t wait to see what starts popping up out of our plot! The story goes that the soil just south of Denver (near Wash Park) used to be rich farmland…


  1. greenmackenzie

    I wish you buckets of luck…..I planted out my courgette plants yesterday (zucchini to the rest of the world!), along with peas, beans, beetroots….and lots of salad crops. The cucumbers, tomatoes and basil are doing very nicely in the Victorian greenhouse!
    I love the feeling of just popping out and grabbing a handful of homegrown herbs to throw into whatever is cooking 🙂 enjoy!


    1. bstarbee

      Thanks greenmackenzie! I marinated some salmon with lemon verbena and olive oil last night and was quite proud of myself to be picking it from my own garden! But I must admit I had to ask my mom to help me weed, since I wasn’t sure I could tell the difference between cilantro and weeds…


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