Super Moon Disco Dance Party

2013 Supermoon. My birthday party. June 22. Be there with a Canadian Tuxedo on, or be square. And bring some sparkly jewelry. And champagne and an appetite. Oh, and by the way. We got a disco ball. That rotates.

We were ready. We had sent out Evites and warned the (selectively chosen) concerned parties about

the dress code that would be enforced.



Everyone seemed to follow the rules. The outfits were pretty phenomenal, as Canadian Tuxedos go.

IMG_4134 IMG_4171



IMG_4139 IMG_4144


I don’t like to brag, ordinarily, but…

This menu was pretty kick-ass.


Tarragon Tanqueray lemonade (with tarragon from my garden and fresh-squeezed lemon juice, obviously). Ribeye and NY Strip (marinated in sage from my garden). Sauteed mushrooms. Middle Eastern potato salad. Salad with greens picked exclusively from my garden! (I had to check with mom to make sure I was not serving our guests any weeds). And I had a DIY herb bar for the gin lemonade just in case tarragon wasn’t quite your style…



One of our guests was like “Oh god. A DIY herb bar? All grown from your garden? That is so Denver. Or Washington State.”

I just beamed and showed him how to muddle his shit.

And we had a table, elegantly set, in the bodega. There were white tablecloths, candles and proper silverware and plates. We opened the garage door to get some cross breeze, which turned out to be quite refreshing…

All these beautiful table settings and homegrown touches make me feel like… we were in a magazine!

IMG_4151 IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4155 IMG_4156

My mom pulled through with fresh roses from her garden. In a variety of vases and colors.

Gorgeous. Fragrant.


Just my style.


Everyone was enjoying the scene with their beverages and denim.



I could not have been more pleased.



But there was the issue of privacy at dinner… which we remedied quickly and efficiently with old doors.



And then the Super Moon rose. Holy cow.

IMG_4194 IMG_4195

And we commenced dining. And the table was still beautiful, even without plates of food and laughing people (is this a magazine feature right now!?).

IMG_4199 IMG_4203 IMG_4204

And we had a surprise Glenmorangie Scotch tasting, compliments of the lovely Munzert duo. Because we are fancy like that.

IMG_4219 IMG_4220

And I changed my outfit into a tutu. Because I was the birthday girl!


Are you admiring my fabulous denim cuffs?


I know you want to know where you can purchase a pair of your own… because they are so fly.


And then we indulged in 3 kinds of pie, all made by my mom. Rhubarb, rhubarb-strawberry, and blueberry. We all went bonkers for the blueberry, which was a recipe hoarded since 1971, when my mom was 18. It. Was. Delicious. We demanded that she make several more pies. More on that soon.

IMG_5969 IMG_4246

Feeding frenzy at the pie table.


And now…

 I would like to call your attention


my blinking high heel shoe. That’s right. These are lucite heels purchased at Walmart 8 years ago. They still blink. I was telling a friend at the party (in a moment of panic when my heel didn’t blink when I stomped on it (it was only momentary)):

“You know you’re old when your see-thru plastic heels stop blinking.”

[Followed by hysterical laughter].

They were a full size too small, but I bought them anyhow because I simply




Notice also that I’ve moved my denim cuff to my ankle. So stylish.



How badass is our landscaping in this shot!?

And so the pie was devoured, piece by piece. 


And the bull bolos were flaunted, beneath the glittering disco ball.


And we laughed at each others’ outfits (especially the hand-painted flowers on this denim shirt).


And we danced until we couldn’t dance anymore. And then we woke up in the morning, the disco ball was still turning. And our husbands made us bacon and eggs and a bloody mary or two for breakfast. And we slowly recovered from our magazine feature meal. And laughed about our Canadian Tuxedo antics. And wondered “who drank all the champagne?
And on Monday I took a 3.5 hr nap.
But it was all worth it. Every gypsy camp moment. Every disco ball giggle. Every outfit change. Every menu item.
It was
the best
Thank you to my best friends, who believe in my dreams, and go thrift shopping for my birthday costume requests. You are, quite simply, divine. Especially in all denim.
    1. bstarbee

      Thank you, Laura! I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but I feel like this evening was the one my entire life had been leading up to (up to this point, of course). It felt incredibly magical and tingly in all the most fantastical ways you always hope your life will be when you are a little kid dreaming of “someday!”


  1. cameron munzert

    One of the best times I’ve had with some of the most important people in my life! Thanks to the wonderful bday girl and all off the other B’s that contributed to a night full of wonderment ( Nick for the killer steaks and Jane for the pies that made a non-dessert lover love pies). Can #30 be even better? Can’t wait to find out! Viva Gemini!


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