Bethany is a twenty-something living just a few miles out of the city with great aspirations for fashion, travel, growing edible things, making good things for people I love and living the good life in the simplest way possible. 

And here, a few musings to get us started…

Success. A relative term. Measured in symbols, tears, laughter, years.

Measured in wrinkles around eyes and faded jeans. Measured in acres. In dollars. In ounces. In the quality of sunshine.

When I was younger, people would ask me what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” My answer? “Happy.” And yes. Still. When I grow up I want to be happy.

Success – my success – cannot be measured in dollars or miles or years or accolades. No – my success, a vision carefully planted and tended for twenty years, has little to do with green bills. It has more to do with blue skies. My success is about warm hardwood floors and natural light. Coffee mugs cupped in soft hands. A wet, cold nose and wagging tail that comes when I call and licks tears off my face when I cry. A newspaper on the front stoop. A garden that grows things to be eaten for dinner. A man at my table who never stops believing in my dreams. And maybe, if I’m lucky, an old vintage truck that has been lovingly polished and coaxed into working condition. My success is about twinkling stars in a night sky. About a glowing cupola on top of a barn that will be mine someday. It’s about peace. It’s about fulfillment. It’s about happiness.

I’ve always wanted to be proud of who I am – proud of the choices I’ve made – of the friend I am – of the person I’ve become. Although I am not always proud, and although I do not always feel successful, I like to think I am on my way.

Man at the dinner table who believes in my dreams: check.

Twinkling night stars in mountain skies: check.

A glowing cupola on the barn: check.

Eagerly awaiting, with perked-up ears and sparkling eyes are the rest of the tick marks. I guess that’s what this blog is all about. About finding the flowers in the weeds. Bushwhacking through the rough-and-tumble chaos I have come to understand as “real life.” It’s about planting seeds, getting a puppy, restoring an old truck, and maybe finding out about my own happiness. It’s about learning what “success” really means. And learning how to mould these raw materials into beautiful shapes and productive ideas.


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